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Faster than new! Oh, and have some warez.

I tried to make the title of this blog entry something that would make you go, "wtf does that even mean, anyway?" Thus making you read further. Did it work? lol.

So, many of my friends, family and colleagues know me as Mr. Google because I use it for everything. EVERYTHING. I haven't used a P2P application in... man, I don't know how long (with the exception of utorrent when I want to nab freshly leaked Windows betas ASAP). Anyway, I find the most random shit on people's servers and I am CONSTANTLY baffled by what people are willing to leave wide-open for the world to ultimately grab (and for Google to cache).

My latest find that has managed to strike my funny bone is the website of a company called, "Remote Repair." For those of you power users out there, it's basically a business built around what you already do: Reinstall your OS when you want, tweak your system to make it perform better than factory settings, etc.. Well, it appears these people have everything stored on their web server that they use to service customers either remotely or however they do it. That's great and all, but what happens when everyone else can access that stuff?

While there isn't too much that these folks could potentially get in trouble for, there are a few products with illegal licenses, cracks, etc.. I don't judge these people for it... I just think they represent an incredibly large number of ignorant people who think they can keep stuff wide-open on their server without random people ever finding it. Heck, if nothing else, everything they use to make their money is available right there for anyone to download and use themselves! Perhaps it is then appropriate that we can access the following from their site without ever having paid:

And before I forget, my subject has to do with their warez and with their slogan that you can find on their main page: "Faster than new!"

Have at it: lolwarez


How Coordinated are You?

Good luck with this game. I posted this on Twitter a while back but I keep coming back to it, so I thought I would post it here. How high of a score can you get? I don't make it beyond the mid 90's most of the time. lol.