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The kwyjibo Blog: An Introduction

Welcome to, "The kwyjibo Blog." What is kwyjibo? It's a word Bart Simpson created out of random letters while playing Scrabble on an episode of, "The Simpsons." He defines, "kwyjibo" as, "[a] big, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin and a short temper." (Talking about Homer, obviously)

Made-up definition aside, kwyjibo is a completely random word and that's why I chose to use it for this blog. I'm going to blog about whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it. There's no common theme, there are no expectations, and there will be no filter. The one thing I hope this blog WILL be is interesting. I may rant, I may review or mention a product I think you need, I may post tutorials for things applicable to me, etc. Hopefully, you will find something on this blog of use to you.


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